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Gringo Lingo

Jun 20, 2018


Back in the building with episode #09 of The Gringo Lingo Podcast. 

Today, I welcome the dropshipping gawd and email marketing master - Nate Schmidt. 

If you haven't heard about this young buck by now, well, you need to.

A pizza delivery boy just six-months ago, Nate now brings in thousands in profits every damn week through dropshipping and info products sales. 

P.S: His course is damn good, too. Highly recommended.

In this podcast, we cover things such as...

-> The thickest of mamis 

-> How to get started online

-> Making mindset shifts for fun and profit

-> The only metric that matters

-> And why you're too damn serious

If you're hustling on the ole' interwebs these days, you should get some value from this bad boy - as Big Nate offers some insights into the mind of a six-figure online marketer. 



P.S: Follow Nate on Twitter, too. 

P.S.S: Don't hate the player, hate the game. Aka follow me on Twitter, tambien ;)