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Gringo Lingo

May 29, 2018

¿Que Lo Que?

Today, we're talking living and building businesses from abroad.

And my broski, Kris Cantu, stopped by to discuss what it's like living in Southeast Asia. 

He breaks things down from over there, while I compare and contrast things to Latin America.

The devil is always in the details, but we mainly just vibed and talked shit on this one.

Some of the stuff we discussed included:

  • What's it like living in Thailand, Colombia, and Mexico
  • Cost of living abroad
  • How to find cheap rent
  • Dating in foreign countries

...And oh so much more!

This one is a little rough around the edges, but the content is definitely dope. 

Check it out if you're a dude thinking about hitting the road soon. And make sure to give Kris a follow on Twitter while you're at it. 

Que Te Vaya Bien,


P.S: Check out Nomadic Hustle for latest in living abroad, building a business, and more.

P.S.S: Learning Spanish in essential in Latin America. This is the best way to learn!