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Gringo Lingo

May 12, 2018


Today, we're talking Latin America living. And not necessarily the good parts of it.

See, it's easy to get too comfortable in Latin America. The great food, friendly people, and good looking girls.

Then shit hits the proverbial fan and your life can change in an instant down here. Or end. 

...Not ideal!

No matter how many travel blogs you read and YouTube videos you watch, you need to understand that Latin America isn't the safest place on earth. Common sense. 

But, enough about my musings on danger down south, I also discuss living at the beach in Mexico.

If you're a beach lover, then Mazatlan checks a lot of boxes, bruh. It's a solid spot, but not for everyone.

As always, make sure you check out Nomadic Hustle.

Oh, and to ensure you stay safe down south, don't forget to brush up on that Spanish speaking! Click here to start.