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Gringo Lingo

May 3, 2018

¿Que Onda, Wey?

Back in the building with another Gringo Lingo Podcast!

Today, we're talking how to find the best accommodation before hitting the road. 

Aka what type of place should you book:

  • Hostels
  • Hotels
  • Airbnb Apartments
  • Local Rentals

This podcast will help you decide. I clear the air on which accommodations are best for which types of travelers. Plus, I detail a few Airbnb horror stories...

Like the Dominican peeping Toms who couldn't stop staring at ya boy's naked Greek physique while I showered on the rooftop. 

If travel tips, mind hacks, and stacking them online monies is of interest to ya, then make sure to head over to Nomadic Hustle soon. 

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P.S.S: Learning Spanish is essential while traveling in Latin America. This is the best way to start studying.